Mondo Diablo Episode 330: A Prayer for the Brutal Death of our Enemies, and Drinking Game

November 21, 2011

Due to an unfortunate run-in with some proprietary software, this week's playlist is gone. To compensate for this injustice, I have included a fun drinking game. It's very easy to play: just take a drink of your favorite beverage when commanded! Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving!

Playlist! Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 1 Alleee1 Carnation Evaporated Milk Randy Roberts * The Pilgrim/Thanksgiving Song Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 2 Chase and Sanborn Coffee * Please Understand and Cooperate Conserve Food for Wartime PSA Save Grease for Wartime 1 Norm Burns * Our Thanksgiving Blessings are Great Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 3 Andy Becker for Crisco Save Grease for Wartime 2 Collins and Harlan * Bake Dat Chicken Pie Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 4 Jell-O 1 Save Grease for Wartime 3 Schmoolie * Die, Turkey, Die Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 5 Jell-O 2 * Jell-O Chocolate Pudding instructions Save Grease for Wartime Soap 4 and Guilt Trip TV’s Kyle * I Like Pie Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 6 Jell-O 3 in 6 delicious flavors Save Grease for Wartime Soap 5 Jeremy Shane * Turkey Murder General Foods’ Jell-O 4 is glamorous, gay and sprightly Save Grease for Wartime 6 Genki English * What are You Thankful For? Maine Sardine Council * Sardine Sandwich ad 1 Jell-O 5 Program with Jack Benny Save Grease for Wartime 7 Max DeGroot * It’s the Most Commercial Time of the Year Jell-O 6 Butterscotch Pudding Save Grease for Wartime 8 Maine Sardine Council * Sardine Sandwich ad 2 USDA * Turkey Time for Salmonella Thanksgiving Etiquette for Children 7 Vince Guaraldi with Jack Sheldon * Joe Cool Jell-O 7 Mrs. Bradley’s Swell Letter Maine Sardine Council * Sardine Sandwich Ad 3 Joseph Byrd * Conquest of the American Wilderness Larry Taylor * Autumn Portrait Kraft Dinner Hoosier Hotshots * We Like Bananas (Because They Have no Bones) Wendy Carlos * Fall from “The Four Seasons” Alleee’s Prayer of Thanksgiving from Psalms


Mondo Diablo Episode 329: Cookin’ With Connie

November 16, 2011

This week's clips come from a vintage 50's home-ec film for gals. Just for gals, obviously. What will YOU do when you get married and it turns out you don't know how to cook? Will Tim ever be surprised!


Cooking Terms 1 Alleee 1 Bobby Swanson and his Sonics * Rockin’ Little Eskimo Jamie Glaser * Disco Columbus Cooking Terms 2 Big Chief Blues Glen Miller’s Uptown Hall Gang * Stealin’ Smack’s Apples Cooking Terms 3 Black Lodge Singers * Spongebob Squarepants Dick Kent * Christopher Columbus and the Compass Cooking Terms 4 Andre Williams * Please Pass the Biscuits Earl Johnson * Shortnin’ Bread Cooking Terms 5 Florrie Ford * Ca Bages Ca Beans Car Rots Black Lodge Singers * Achy Breaky Song Cooking Terms 6 Etta James * Shortnin’ Bread Rock Fred Hall and his Sugarbabies * ‘Tain’t No Sin Cooking Terms 7 Carolina Chocolate Drops * Cornbread and Butterbeans Louis Jordan and the Tympani Five * Beans and Cornbread Cooking Terms 8 Jimmy Dean * Please Pass the Biscuits Male and Female Vocal Duet of Swanee River * Old Folks at Home (recorded between 1890 and 1929) Cooking Terms 9 Norval and Ivy * Please Pass the Biscuits The Wiyos * Strawberry Wine Cooking Terms 10 Alleee2 Download

Mondo Diablo Episode 328: Funky, Fervent Fundies

November 11, 2011

It has been awhile since my last podcast honoring , so I thought I'd add one. I think you'll be pleased. I hope you'll be pleased.


Fundies 1 Alleee1 Jean-Jacques Perrey * Parade Des Soldats De Bois Zoogz Rift * Heart Attack Fundies 2 Was Not Was * Wheel Me Out Coon-Sanders Nighthawks * Here Comes My Ball and Chain Fundies 3 Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker * Happy Bluebeat The Rudy Schwartz Project * Snot Mouth Tweedle Fundies 4 Gil Evans/Jimmie Hendrix * Angel The Swingle Singers * I Am the Walrus Fundies 5 Gaetan Poirier * Winter Carnival Reel Slack Bangers * Bob is Luv Fundies 6 Günter Noris * Jumbo Jose Gonzales * Love Will Tear Us Apart Fundies 7 James Clarke * Kids’ Stuff The Psychoskeletons * Jesus in the Sky Fundies 8 Irving Fields Trio * Mama’s Mambo Sid Hemphill, Lucius Smith, Will Head & Alec Askew * Skillet Good and Greasy Fundies 9 Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw * Stratosphere The Residents * Nineteen Ninety-Nine Fundies 10 Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 327: Noizes with Mr. F Le Mur

November 4, 2011

I have so much stuff by Mr. F. Le Mur, I had to share more of it, and also rant--and rejoice--about this coming Black Friday. I much prefer looking at it from the other side of the counter, if you know what I mean. Actually, I prefer looking at it from home, in bed.


1-F Le Mur * Car Car Talk Talk1 * Car Squwak 2 Alleee 1 Ray Davies * Read All About It Hello! From the Book of Mormon 2-F Le Mur * Diet Fat Car Car Talk Talk 2 Car Squwak 3 Ray Martin and His Orchestra * Van Der Valk Gilligan's Planet 3-F. Le Mur * Eat More Pussy Car Squwak 4 Nationwide * The Good Word Perry Mason's New Theme Song 4-F. Le Mur * Sermon Car Squwak 5 Eomir Deodato * Thus Spake Zarathustra Stairway 2 Britney 5-F Le Mur * Sittin' on Top of Bob Car Squwak 6 Mystery Song 8 Stayin' Alive in the Wall 6-F Le Mur * Spacetime Forecast 2 The Bible Says Ruth Welcome * It Might as Well be Spring The ECC * Rebel Without a Pause 7-F Le Mur * Stretch My Rubber 2 Stretch my Rubber 3 Alan Hawkshaw * Solar Energy The Residents * Man's World 8-F Le Mur * Uh Uh Week Edition 10 Dave Baby Cortex * The Happy Organ Les Badouins Morts * Blind Geveld 9-Mr. F. Le Mur * Bob News 2 Bob's Newest Now Tortue Super Sonic * Pop Up Prisencolinensinaincusol 10-Mr. F. Le Mur * ONDCP1 ONDCP 2 ONDCP 3 ONDCP 4 Alleee 2


Mondo Diablo Episode 326: A Terrible Halloween

October 30, 2011

Clips compiled by Everything is Terrible


1-Chilling Shilling in 3D Alleee 1 Hot Blood * Sex Me Verne Langdon * Depression 2-Anti-Cable PSA Nico * My Only Child Unknown 3-Demons! Mills Blue Rhythm Band * Devil in the Moon A Village funeral 4-Escape From Hell Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra * Inner Sanctum American Symphony Orchestra * Hallowe'en Dance 5-Satan Louis Armstrong * Skeleton in the Closet Verne Langdon * Devil's Love 6-Halloween Propaganda The King Sisters * Halloween Club Royal Orchestra * The Sneak 7-Horror Veronique Chevalier * Vampire Surprise Verne Langdon * Echoes of the Organ 8-Know Your Occultists! Vic Mizzy * The Night Walker Prince's Band * Spooky Spooks 9-Mike Warnke on Halloween Vincent Price * A Hornbook for Witches Sodero's Band * The Vampire 10-Jesus and I Go to Hell Alleee 2

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July 1, 2010

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