Mondo Diablo Episode 326: A Terrible Halloween

October 30, 2011

Clips compiled by Everything is Terrible


1-Chilling Shilling in 3D Alleee 1 Hot Blood * Sex Me Verne Langdon * Depression 2-Anti-Cable PSA Nico * My Only Child Unknown 3-Demons! Mills Blue Rhythm Band * Devil in the Moon A Village funeral 4-Escape From Hell Charlie Spivak and his Orchestra * Inner Sanctum American Symphony Orchestra * Hallowe'en Dance 5-Satan Louis Armstrong * Skeleton in the Closet Verne Langdon * Devil's Love 6-Halloween Propaganda The King Sisters * Halloween Club Royal Orchestra * The Sneak 7-Horror Veronique Chevalier * Vampire Surprise Verne Langdon * Echoes of the Organ 8-Know Your Occultists! Vic Mizzy * The Night Walker Prince's Band * Spooky Spooks 9-Mike Warnke on Halloween Vincent Price * A Hornbook for Witches Sodero's Band * The Vampire 10-Jesus and I Go to Hell Alleee 2


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