Mondo Diablo Episode 328: Funky, Fervent Fundies

November 11, 2011

It has been awhile since my last podcast honoring , so I thought I'd add one. I think you'll be pleased. I hope you'll be pleased.


Fundies 1 Alleee1 Jean-Jacques Perrey * Parade Des Soldats De Bois Zoogz Rift * Heart Attack Fundies 2 Was Not Was * Wheel Me Out Coon-Sanders Nighthawks * Here Comes My Ball and Chain Fundies 3 Alan Hawkshaw & Alan Parker * Happy Bluebeat The Rudy Schwartz Project * Snot Mouth Tweedle Fundies 4 Gil Evans/Jimmie Hendrix * Angel The Swingle Singers * I Am the Walrus Fundies 5 Gaetan Poirier * Winter Carnival Reel Slack Bangers * Bob is Luv Fundies 6 Günter Noris * Jumbo Jose Gonzales * Love Will Tear Us Apart Fundies 7 James Clarke * Kids’ Stuff The Psychoskeletons * Jesus in the Sky Fundies 8 Irving Fields Trio * Mama’s Mambo Sid Hemphill, Lucius Smith, Will Head & Alec Askew * Skillet Good and Greasy Fundies 9 Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw * Stratosphere The Residents * Nineteen Ninety-Nine Fundies 10 Alleee 2


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